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Kultour is a national organisation committed to advancing cultural diversity in the arts in Australia.

Kultour is supported by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its art funding and advisory body.





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What's on at Kultour

Kultour Gatherings 2014


Call for CALD Artists Now Open: Kultour Gatherings 2014

Kultour is seeking Expressions of Interest from CALD artists to participate in its Conceptual Laboratory program 2014.

The Laboratories will commence at 6.00pm on the Friday evening, working through all day Saturday and Sunday morning; and conclude with a public forum and sharing on the Sunday afternoon.


Grace Barbé

Kultour Pulse program artist Grace Barbé.

Stay tuned for details to her upcoming national tour

The Afro Sound of the Seychelles

“Led by Grace Barbé, a charming, beautiful islander woman from the Seychelles, the band puts on an intricate, fun and engaging performance full of island reggae, creole rhythms, and complex, intense vocals in French, Creole and English - an amazing, uplifting experience.” - Gordon Taylor of musichord.com

"picture-perfect funky soul played by world-class muso-cats" - Lyndon Blue of coolperthnights.com

Seychelles islander Grace Barbé is the real deal, a genuinely exotic world music star for the 21st century, with the talent, looks and voice to match. Grace's soulful music reflects and celebrates the diverse cultural influences of her Indian Ocean heritage (African, Indian, Asian and European).

A colourful and energetic fusion of tropical island rhythms with African percussion, pop, jazz, reggae, rock and latin flavours, Grace’s “Afro-Kreol” sound is original, fresh and funky.


Kultour Conversations 2014

"Technically we are all free to express ourselves. But when the cultural representations mirrored back to us don't reflect our diversity, we lose our sense of meaning. This is what binds us into a community and affirms that we belong. Without it we are rendered non-existent." Teresa Crea, Co-founder of Doppio Teatro, Australia



A spotlight on KG2013 artist Panos Couros

Kultour National Gathering 2013 (KG2013)

Panos Couros is an artist, arts producer, educator and creative associate. He works primarily with sound and digital imagery and his works include sound installations; sound design and music composition for theatre and dance, sound design for multimedia and the corporate world; video installation and mixed/trans media works. As a creative producer he has generated a vast range of arts and corporate events around the country; from innovative multimedia performance events to major arts festivals. He is currently engaged as the Executive Director of the NT Writers Centre and continues his practice as a freelance artist.

What is your personal assessment of the Gathering 2013.

I came to the Kultour Gathering with many doubts and questions. I also came to it with a misguided idea of what it was to achieve. This was more to do with what I thought I may have wanted from such an exercise. Leading up to the event I construed it to be a practical laboratory where we 'jammed' with our art forms and art practice rather than a conceptual space where we jammed with ideas. I was delighted and surprised to see how the process unfolded.


Kultour Receives Major Funding from the Australia Council for the Arts

Kultour Receives Major Funding from the Australia Council for the Arts

Kultour has received confirmation from the Australia Council of multi-year core funding for 2014-2016 and an additional $150,000 from the Unfunded Excellence Pool for the delivery of a Special Initiative in 2014. Kultour CEO, Julie Tipene O’Toole has welcomed the announcement and thanks the Australia Council for their ongoing support and recognition of Kultour and the programs and services it delivers across Australia.


Cultural cringe? A step forward

Kultour CEO, Julie Tipene-O'Toole, applauds the statement made by Playwriting Australia's Artistic Director, Tim Roseman, "lamenting the lack of diversity of Australian actors on our stages" and agrees that this is only part of the problem.

"Much of the current argument surrounding culturally diverse representation and participation in the arts is founded on anecdotal discourse. Kultour has initiated an important research partnership to identify the compelling information and statistical data to reinforce our position and advocate for change " said Ms Tipene-O'Toole. "This research partnership will initially focus on the evidence measures to help monitor the presence of cultural diversity in the arts in Australia – to establish the current baseline and move forward". Read more...

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