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Kultour is a national organisation committed to advancing cultural diversity in the arts in Australia.

Kultour is supported by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its art funding and advisory body.





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Advocacy and Kultour


Kultour is the national organisation working to advance cultural diversity in the arts in Australia. We advocate for greater national representation of artists from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds so that the arts reflects Australia’s true cultural identity.

Kultour develops submissions in response to governmentinquiries and contributes to other national opportunities. We contribute to the national arts dialogue and debate through representation on ArtsPeak, a confederation of national arts organisations advocating for inclusion of all art forms in the lives and education of Australians.

A snapshot of our work follows and are listed in chronological order.


In 2014 our advocacy efforts included:

  • Responding in support of the Federation of Ethnic Communities' Councils of Australia (FECCA) and their submission responding to the consultation on the proposed amendments to the Racial Discrimination Act 1975 (RDA). 
  • Calling on the WA Government to continue to support multicultural arts in WA with the closure of Kulcha WA (include link to media release as per e-bulletin March 2014)
  • Participation at ArtsPeak meetings. 

Kultour's letter of support - FECCA Submission 30 April 2014 



In 2013 our advocacy efforts included:

  • Responding to the release of the Creative Australia National Cultural Policy;
  • Negotiating with the Office for the Arts and the Australia Council for the Arts to develop pathways for action that continue to support and promote cultural diversity in the arts and the effective implementation of Creative Australia;
  • Responding to the Senate Committee Inquiry on the draft Australia Council Bill 2013 and lodging a submission advocating for cultural diversity to be embedded in the legislation;
  • Membership of ArtsPeak (national group of peak bodies) and participation at meetings in March and May 2013 to promote cultural diversity in the arts as one of four sector priorities and the importance for it to be embedded in the Australia Council Act 201; and
  • Responding to Arts NSW Discussion Paper: Framing the future - developing an arts and cultural policy for NSW in support of the NSW arts community. 

In June 2013 the Senate passed the Australia Council Act 2013, which included the four new functions proposed by ArtsPeak and supported by Kultour. This was a significant outcome for Kultour and the sector given the challenging conditions at that time.

The four new functions that were added to the Act were.

  1.  To support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts practice.
  2.  To support Australian arts practice that reflects the diversity of Australia.
  3.  To uphold and promote freedom of expression in the arts.
  4.  To promote community participation in the arts.


Kultour’s Response to Creative Australia National Cultural Policy

Kultour’s Submission to the draft Australia Council Bill 2013  

Senate Passes Australia Council Act 2013

Kultour's Response to Arts NSW Discusison Paper


Other Useful Information

A recent release of ABS estimates measuring the contribution cultural and creative activity contributes to the economy is $86.0 billion (6.9%) towards Australia’s Gross Domestic Product in 2008-09.

6th World Summit on Arts & Culture Santiago De Chile 2014 Discussion Papers

Australia is a signatory to the United Nations International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.

UNESCO and the Australia Council for the Arts signed a Memorandum of Understanding to promote cultural diversity across the Asia-Pacific.


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