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Kultour is a national organisation committed to advancing cultural diversity in the arts in Australia.

Kultour is supported by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its art funding and advisory body.





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Kultour responds to Creative Australia National Cultural Policy
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National Creative Australia National Cultural Policy needs action to address cultural diversity in the arts

The national peak body for cultural diversity in the arts, Kultour welcomed the Federal Government’s release of the Creative Australia National Cultural Policy (NCP) but raised concerns over omissions around cultural diversity and key action plans.

CEO of Kultour, Julie Tipene-O’Toole said the policy and the $75 million in new funding for the Australia Council was a significant milestone for the sector but more attention was needed to address cultural diversity in the arts.

“The new policy fails to recognise artists from culturally diverse backgrounds and their right to freedom of expression in the form of art. Social inclusion is fundamental to the national creative voice and our national identity,” she said.

Ms Tipene-O’Toole said Australia is recognised as one of the most multicultural countries in the world and art and cultural engagement plays an integral role in a citizen’s participation in the community.


“One quarter of all Australians were born overseas, we identify with more than 300 ancestries and speak over 300 languages.

“Australia’s uniquely diverse culture is arguably its most defining characteristic and yet significant challenges still exist for the arts sector to fully embrace cultural diversity. This means the potential for great and diverse Australian arts to be produced and enjoyed continues to remain unrealised.

Tipene-O’Toole said art was an important social leveller enabling all citizens and all cultures the opportunity to contribute to a national creative and cultural identity.

Off the back of the development of the Creative Australia policy, Kultour is calling on the Australian Government to develop pathways for action.

In particular, Kultour calls on the Federal Government to:

  • promote and support the inclusion and participation of all citizens and all cultures
  • embrace diversity
  • support national organisations like Kultour to continue to operate in the arts, and
  • allocate sufficient funding to the Australia Council and Office for the Arts to create cultural diversity funds.

Ms Tipene-O’Toole said additional funding would ensure all cultures are welcomed and supported to participate in the production and enjoyment of art.  Cultural audits of government funded programs and the development of a National Cultural Diversity Action Plan would also support the delivery of the national cultural policy.

“It is critical that government policies, legislation, arts, and creative industries reflect and sufficiently support the culturally diverse make-up of our country and embrace these complexities as a catalyst for creativity, innovation and excellence,” said Ms Tipene-O’Toole.

Ms Tipene-O’Toole said positive action from the government and the arts industry will strengthen support and give clarity to the nation in achieving the vision and goals of Creative Australia.

Kultour applauds the government’s recognition and prominence of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and acknowledgement of its centrality to our national identity.

As a national organisation, Kultour welcomes the formation of the National Arts and Culture Accord in strengthening ties across all tiers of government.   Similarly, Kultour strongly supports the funding of national data collection and research and advocates for greater research in to the presence of cultural diversity in the arts.



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