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Kultour Gathering 2013

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Kultour is a national organisation committed to advancing cultural diversity in the arts in Australia.

Kultour is supported by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its art funding and advisory body.





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Kultour Gathering 2013

tony yap

Kultour Gathering 2013

"A fantastic opportunity to contribute to the visibility and future of cultural diversity in the Australian contemporary arts landscape..." Julie Tipene-O’Toole, Kultour CEO

It’s all systems go between Melbourne and Brisbane in the lead up to the Kultour Gathering 2013 to be held at the Queensland Multicultural Centre – the home of our presenting partner - Brisbane Multicultural Art Centre BEMAC.

The Kultour Gathering 2013 provides artists and artsworkers from across Australia and across all art form areas with a unique opportunity to test concepts and explore new and innovative artistic frameworks where diversity of art form and culture inform the process and creative outcomes.

This initiative, supported by the Australia Council for the Arts, is built around two key activities.

The first stage starts on Monday 9 September with a conceptual laboratory for a cohort of 19 artists and 6 provocateurs working within contemporary multidisciplinary and culturally diverse frameworks; then, on Wednesday 11 September, stage two is shaped around a major public forum presenting the outcomes of the artist’s investigations to a panel of Australia’s key arts enablers, presenters, advocates and peers.


Stage 1: Conceptual Laboratory

The Kultour Gathering 2013 Conceptual Laboratory is designed to bring together groups of artists and artsworkers exploring cultural diversity within the framework of contemporary, multidisciplinary and experimental arts in Australia.

A national call for expressions of interest resulted in the selection of a cohort of 19 artists from around the country – 2 from each State and Territory – to participate in a 48-hour laboratory intensive focusing on re-visioning and testing their creative concepts whilst sharing and investigating their artistic processes. But this laboratory is more than a simple show and tell exercise.

Throughout the exploratory sessions, a team of some of Australia’s most experienced creatives, directors and producers, including Tony Yap, Brian Lucas, Teresa Crea, Sam Cook, Footscray Community Arts Centre’s Bernadette Fitzgerald and Casula Powerhouse’s Claudia Chiddiac will act as provocateurs whose mission is to dissect, examine, expose, celebrate, challenge and inspire these artists and their practice.

Artists participating in the Conceptual Laboratory include:

·       Ramon Martinez Mendoza (VIC)

·       Appiah Annan (VIC)

                               ·       Victoria Chiu (VIC)

·       Candy Bowers (QLD)

·       Dr Nicholas Ng (QLD)

·       Jade Dewi Tyas Tunggal (NSW)

·       Kristine Landon-Smith (NSW)

·       Liz Lea (ACT)

·       Zsuzsi Soboslay (ACT)

·       Panagiotis Couros (Panos) (NT)

·       Ben Graetz  (NT)

·       Margie Fischer (SA)

·       Kartina Lazaroff (SA)

·       Selena de Carvalho (TAS)

·       Gregory Leong (TAS)

·       Maitland Scnhaars (WA)

·       Joe Lui (WA) and


·       Annalouise Paul (KULTOUR PULSE ARTIST - NSW)


With the facilitative support of Ricardo Peach and Kultour’s Program Manager, Marcus Hughes, this cohort represents an explosive and exciting mix of skills, perspectives, approaches and contexts that will certainly be reflective of the contribution, the power and the future potential of culturally and linguistically diverse creative frameworks within the contemporary arts landscape in Australia.

Stage 2: Public Forum Right Here/Right Now!
With an emphasis on enquiry and knowledge sharing, Kultour Gathering 2013 seeks to provide a testing ground for new ideas in a supportive and inclusive environment; as well as strategies and opportunities for broadening pathways and audiences for diverse work. We seek to provide a space where participants from diverse backgrounds will be challenged and inspired - seeding new artistic languages, concepts and collaborations for further sharing, conceptual testing, experimentation and strategic development.

Following on from the two days of the conceptual laboratory – the 19 participating artists and provocateurs will share their findings with other sectors of the industry and the broad community in a series of presentations and open discussion to a panel of enablers, presenters, advocates and peers - engaging in conversations around innovative, culturally diverse practice in Australia – looking at what is going on in this space – Right Here/Right Now!

Whilst a key focus during the laboratory will be directed to exploration and testing creative development concepts – the team will also interrogate a range of issues and opportunities surrounding the supply of and demand for greater programming and presentation options and contexts.

In short – this forum is designed to provide a nexus between the makers and consumers of and alternative range of creative products and processes – including pathways to engage with potential and untapped audiences.

Kultour is delighted to be able to open this event with a keynote presentation by the celebrated William Yang – a pioneer in the development of the new, culturally diverse voice within the Australian arts sector – and co-director, with Annette Shun Wa, of Performance 4A.

Panel members include APACA’s CEO - Rick Heath, Australia Council for the Arts’ Director of International Market Development - Collette Brennan, IETM’s Sophie Travers, Arts Queensland’s Vera Ding, Footscray Community Arts Centre’s Director -  Jade Lillie, ArtBack NT’s Angella O’Donnell, OFTA’s Sally Basser and a range of other presenters, funders and advocates for building a richer and more reflective Australian cultural landscape.

The Forum will be followed by a Kultour Gathering/Longpaddock Networking Reception.

Places are strictly limited – please book your place at http://www.trybooking.com/58315

 Kultour Gathering 2013 Keynote Presenters, Provocateurs, Panelists, Facilitators and Participating Artists Biographies

KULTOUR GATHERING 2013 Partners and Sponsors

The Kultour Gathering 2013 is an initiative of Kultour and delivered in Brisbane with the support of its presenting partner BEMAC.

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.

Kultour gratefully acknowledges funding support for this initiative from the Australia Council for the Arts with participant support from Arts Victoria, Arts NSW, Arts South Australia, Arts Northern Territory, Arts Queensland and WA's Department of Culture and the Arts.

Kultour gratefully acknowledges additional participant sponsorship from TasPerforms, Theatre North (Launceston) and the Darwin Entertainment Centre; with provocateur sponsorship provided by Footscray Community Arts Centre and the Casula Powerhouse.





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Above Image: Tony Yap in performance at the Long Paddock Melbourne announcement of Kultour Gathering 2013. Photographer: Olga Gryniewicz






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