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3 Ticks for Screen Diversity in the UK

“Diversity is not only good for creativity, it’s also good for jobs. It supports economic growth, it taps into what audiences want to see and it makes good business sense”

At Diversity Arts, we have been researching models for creating a more inclusive screen and arts sector, and the British Film Institute’s Diversity Standards and Diversity Fund to support the professional development of diverse talent, “ticks” our boxes. Tying funding to diversity outcomes — as the BFI has done — is a strategy that we believe should also be used in Australia.

The British Film Institute now requires BFI Film Fund projects to put diversity at the centre of their work. Although it is commonly referred to as the “3 ticks policy”, 3 being the magic number for the BFI screen diversity mark of good practice, there are 4 categories with projects required to meet a minimum of 2 in order to attract funding.

The 4 categories are:
1.    On Screen Representation, Themes and Narratives
2.    Project Leadership and Creative Practitioners
3.    Industry Access and Opportunities
4.    Opportunities for Diversity in Audience Development

Each category has its own set of sub-categories providing more specific direction to project development with regard to increasing the participation of underrepresented groups. Specifically, the focus is on inclusiveness with regards to the areas of disability, gender, race, age, sexual orientation and low socio-economic status. The BFI’s intent to steer film projects clear of stereotyping and tokenism; to facilitate creative leadership opportunities and professional development for these groups and to broaden the audience and appeal of British film are clearly reflected in the sub-categories.

Alongside these new funding requirements, the BFI also announced a £ 1 million (AUD $1.6 million) Diversity Fund to support opportunities that promote diversity, whether for the professional development of individual artists or for organisations.

Read more about the BFI diversity standards at www.bfi.org.uk/diversity


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